Zelgor is building an entire galaxy of interconnected mobile games, catering to the largest category of gamer: the Noob! Anyone who has played an online game has probably been called a noob at least once, and that’s ok. If you’re a Noob, Zelgor is building an entire Universe for you!


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Noobs in Space

Noobs in Space is the world’s introduction to a race of fun-loving, ambitious, and rambunctious aliens, called Noobs. Led by their genius leader, Major Noob, the Noobs are perpetually flying around exploring the universe, looking for new places to live.

As a Noob in Space, Major Noob has tasked you with exploring the universe. Players fly around as Noobs, discovering new planets and avoiding any obstacle that gets in their way. Players can acquire new Noobs, spaceships, and outfits while they tour the galaxy.

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John Fanning
Joyce Zhang
Phil Fogerite
Christopher Potter

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Tim Draper
Kai Huang
Michael Dornbrook
Nolan Bushnell


You’ll find Noobs all over the internet!

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